Window Cleaning

Why do Windows Streak and Smear?

Here is a helpful cleaning tip: The most common reason for streaks and smears is not using enough water. When cleaning windows, unless they are very clean, you must think of giving them a bath, not a sprinkle of window washing cleaner from a bottle. The soil must be softened and broken up before it can be cleared away with a squeegee or cloth, and this is done through the saturation of water and window cleaner ( a drop or two of Dawn or Joy dishwashing liquid works well). Diluted ammonia or vinegar works, too, if you can stand the smell.

 squeegee windows


Think safety first. Follow directions on the chemical labels. The manufacturers have tested their products and know how they work. Wear gloves, protective eyewear, and even protective clothing if needed. 

reading directions, safety



Putting everything in its place will make an immediate impact on the cleanliness of your house, it will be safer for you to walk around, and you will feel better.

before and after decluttering


Spot Removal

Get it now! The difference between a spot and a stain is time. Most spots are water-based. Try this cleaning tip: Gently blot up the spot with a Terry cloth, then dilute it with water or carpet/upholstery cleaner and blot spot again. Have patience. Think of lifting up the spot using a gentle scooping motion, working the spot from the outside in.

spot removal terry cloth


Protect Yourself From Getting Sick!

sick person

This advice might seem a little extreme for most people, but cold and flu season is here. What can you do? 

Cleaning Tip: prevent the transfer of germs from one place to another, use a separate paper towel wet with disinfectant for each surface, handle, or fixture. Disinfectants must remain wet on a surface for 10 minutes to kill influenza. Wash mops after each use in hot water and detergent or throw away disposable wet mops. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently throughout the day.

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